Bryan Feddern


Hanging in a Herd

In the town of Hampi in the state of Karnataka, India, the consumption of alcohol and meat is prohibited. Ryan, Irish Benny and I had no problem with a vegetarian diet as the masala dosas and thali at our guest house were incredibly delicious. We did, however, have a large bottle of freshly distilled Feni (coconut tree sap liquor) that I had procured from a small hut distillery in Palolem, Goa. With not much to do at night after dinner and a tour of the temples, we mixed our strong feni into Limca citrus soda bottles and went for a walk. Soon enough we found ourselves feeling a bit tipsy, hanging out in a herd of cows and street dogs. We were all a bit nervous at first being surrounded by these holy beasts but quickly discovered that they liked to be pet and scratched behind the ear a lot more than the rough looking hounds that were languishing in the loose dirt by the cut stones lining the road. It ended up being one of the most original and fun evenings of the trip, captured here in this hilarious photo!

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